Flexisexual: Girls Whom Kiss Girls, But Like Males

Researchers state ladies are more open-minded than guys within their sex.

These alleged flexisexuals state that even though they are not gay if not bisexual, they enjoy flirting and kissing girls — however they still enjoy having sex with guys.

One feminine senior at Hofstra University in nyc stated she actually is likely to look to females when she’s had a lot to take in.

« we simply kiss girls given that it’s funny and entertaining to complete whenever beneath the impact,  » she stated. « When you simply kiss a man, you cope with the pressures of feeling as you need to get further, along with girls that is never ever a concern. « 

The pupil, whom declined to offer her title for fear the next company might Google her sexual escapades, is regarded as numerous young ladies who tend to be more flexible inside their attitudes about intercourse.

Professionals say they might be impacted by the growing exposure of same-sex partners and much more available attitudes about intercourse as a whole.

Pop tradition, itself, generally seems to commemorate that freedom in tracks like Katie Perry’s, « we Kissed a woman and we Liked It,  » a song that 19-year-old Alisha Garrison stated girls that are »made more able to do whatever they desire. « 

« It is not necessarily experimenting, but possibly looking to get some attention,  » said Garrison, a planning that is urban from Simi Valley, Calif.

Perry admits inside her words, « we got so courageous, beverage at your fingertips, we destroyed my discernment. « 

Flexisexual can also be referred to as heteroflexible, pansexual or queer, all variations that are subtle mean they’re not shutting any doorways.

Females state it offers has more regarding their view of this globe than their training within the room.

« When I became more youthful, girls bounced around in twelfth grade about sex,  » stated Jamilla Wright, a relations that are public at the University of Texas. « we think the older we have the more content our company is along with it being based more about the person than either-or in terms of sex can be involved. « 

« Labels matter less,  » stated the 21-year-old.

milfs in heels

Hollywood has its examples that are own Lindsay Lohan, 24, whom dated Samantha Ronson, denied she had been a lesbian and « maybe » bisexual. She has since gone back to males.

Angelina Jolie, 35 and from now on joyfully ensconced with Brad Pitt, possessed a sexual relationship with Jenny Shimizu. And Drew Barrymore, 35, has apparently stated, « Being with a lady is much like checking out your very own human anatomy, but through somebody else. « 

There is certainly also a site that is dating? Flexisexual — where females find « sexy, open-minded females trying to explore their sex, talk, attach with and much more. « 

« that’s where women that are straight feel interested in bisexual passion or love, start off,  » it states. « the interest that is common it simple for like-minded people to relate with each other in order to find someone compatible, in comparison to making it as much as possibility. « 

For most of today’s ladies in their belated teenagers and 20s, openness to intimate physical relationships with either sex has grown to become a method of life, as opposed to an « experiment. « 

This fairly brand new occurrence is likely an item of a generation unconcerned with labels. Frequently, it starts into the enlightened university cocoon, where ladies can explore their sex, though a current ABC report from San Antonio, Texas, stated flexisexuality can also be the main twelfth grade tradition.

Professionals state more sexual experimentation does occur whenever individuals have never yet discovered a partner, before they settle into monogamous relationships. University normally a safe cocoon for self-discovery.

Studies Say Women Can Be More Fluid inside their Sex

Many scientific tests have verified that both heterosexual and lesbian ladies tend to be intimately stimulated by both male and female erotica or have bisexual pattern that is arousal.

A 2003 research from Northwestern University discovered that weighed against males, ladies’ intimate arousal habits could be less tightly linked to their orientation that is sexual and « flexible. « 

Some girls state it has nothing to do with their intimate identification. They simply want to live as much as the fantasy that is menage-a-trois of males they look for to please.

« we think girls kiss girls to draw attention from dudes, whom think it is sexy and seductive,  » stated Lauren DeGiorgi, a senior majoring in therapy at East Carolina University. « But we are often drunk whenever it occurs. « 

« Current generations tend to be more open-minded and may also market that lax mindset by causeing the behavior more appropriate – most likely among younger, easily influenced girls,  » stated Heather, an university junior from hillcrest, Calif., whom would not wish to utilize her final title.

Plus some think it even « indirectly mocks » the homosexual community, relating to Caleb Fox, a 20-year-old through the University of Texas.

« Straight men actually such as the concept of two ‘hot’ girls making down,  » he stated. « And because I do not think these ‘flexisexuals’ are actually lesbians, it does not appear that they are really looking for an enchanting relationship with an other woman — it is more about a show. And from a standpoint that is feminist continues the objectification of females. « 

Lisa Diamond, connect teacher of gender studies at University of Utah, happens to be learning the subject for decades, and verifies women are, certainly, more flexible within their sex as well as for a selection of social, and maybe biological, reasons.

« I think there was an ever growing knowing of the fact you don’t need to be 100 % homosexual to really have the capability to savor same-sex contact,  » stated Diamond, that is composer of the 2008 book, « Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s like and want.  »

 » when you look at the days that are old any example of same-sex attraction had been immediately place in the group of bisexual or lesbian and from now on we understand women can be more difficult than that,  » she stated. « there are many examples going swimming in popular tradition, and also the term reflects that. « 

Claire, the sis into the HBO show,  » Six under that is feet » had an intimate dalliance with a lady buddy, but decided it absolutely wasn’t her thing and came back to men.

Diamond stated ladies’ capacity for fluidity has constantly existed, but just now has culture had an understanding that is cultural collecting information from around the entire world.

« We had a fairly rigid view regarding the means sex and orientation works,  » she said. « But intercourse researchers have already been conscious of it for several years. This has taken folks awhile to appreciate you could have a regular attraction, but that doesn’t make that sexual identification legitimate. « 

Men be seemingly more « rigid » within their sex but that could be because culture is much more judgmental, based on Diamond.

« it titillating when girls kiss girls and see images of same-sex sexuality being marketed to a heterosexual male audience, it’s not viewed as threatening and alarming,  » she said although we find. « we do not begin to see the exact exact same social authorization for guys. « 

If HBO had a narrative with a heterosexual guy having an encounter with another man, « no body would believe it,  » she stated. « You never observe that type of a plot for the male character. « 

ABC News reporters Brianna Gays, Ashley Jennings and Tia Castenada contributed for this report.

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